A Bailout By Any Other Name…

It’s become a real source of irritation with me lately. Why are we willingly using the sanitized terminology for what a bailout actually is–corporate welfare?

If these banks were unemployed or underemployed folks, they’d be told that they just are not working hard enough. Their sacrifices are not great. To achieve that American Dream, one must pull herself up by her own bootstraps. Can’t expect Uncle Sam to do that for you.

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A Better Direction for Local News

Heather has ended her blogging hiatus. Urban Compass is back in action. With the “new and improved” Hartford Courant, she could not have picked a better time to return to bringing us well-researched and intelligent analysis of political events in both Hartford and Springfield.

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Debate Watch Party

The University of Hartford chapter of College Democrats, along with the Government and Law Society, the Roosevelt Institute and Pi Sigma Alpha are having a Debate Watch Party tonight at 8:30 at the Fireside Lounge in Regents Park Dorms on the University of Hartford campus.

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Hartford and Israel?

Found this interesting press release on the City of Hartford website (Dude, is anyone going to tell them to get rid of the circa 1999 scrolling marquee?):

(September 19, 2008)— Mayor Eddie A. Perez is looking forward to Hartford building
economic development bridges with Jerusalem to help create jobs, increase trade, and
improve the quality of life in Connecticut’s Capital City through high paying

“Hartford has a world-class medical community and we could strengthen hospital related
jobs and businesses by building relationships with companies in Jerusalem that
manufacture medical devices. I look forward to our business leaders building
partnerships that could bring new firms to Hartford and help us grow and take a leading
role in this global economy,” says Mayor Perez.

The Mayor has just returned from the 26th Jerusalem Conference of Mayors, hosted by
Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski. The U.S. Conference of Mayors participated in this
trip through the Council for World Jewry and the American Jewish Congress.

Mayor Perez adds, “This trip was a unique opportunity to learn and adopt best practices
from other cities from around the world. Economic development, green technology, and
healthcare are issues that impact all of us. This conference provided a fresh look at how
we can all work together to use technology to improve the quality of life in urban areas.”

In addition to Hartford, the United States delegation included mayors from Albuquerque,
New Mexico, Augusta, Maine, Lansing, Michigan, Nashville, Tennessee, and Tucson,
Arizona. Mayors from about 40 cities in South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and
Africa also participated in this global conference.

This event concluded just before International Peace Day, which is Sunday, September
21st. The day was established in 1982 by a United Nations resolution so that the entire
world can engage in realistic acts of peace. Mayors from around the world meeting to
improve quality of life issues through economic development and green technology
demonstrates proactive measures that are taking place today to make way for a better

Is it weird that Hartford would seek advice from a nation that continues to have ongoing violent conflict? Or do we get to ignore the Palestine/Israel thing now?

I’m aware that many nations/countries have wars and conflicts, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to turn to Japan on this one?

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Improving Hartford and Attracting People Downtown in Three Easy Steps

Julie (Live in Hartford) dug through the archives, and found that these concerns were addressed about a decade ago. It’s kind of what we tell students learning how to do research– you are joining an ongoing conversation; the conversation did not begin with you. Go read her blog entry about it.

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Upcoming Lectures at Capital Community College

These are free and open to the public. This is on the bus-line and cheap parking can be found at the Morgan Street Garage. CCC is located at 950 Main Street, in the former G. Fox building.

Thursday, September 18th
Constitution Day Lecture in Centinel Hill Hall
Featuring Prof. Joanne Freeman of Yale University
“Learning to Think Nationally: The Realities and Challenges of America’s Founding”

POSTPONED: Tuesday, Sept. 23rd
Prof. Derek Maxfield of Capital Community College
“Breaking the Presidential Mold: Electing Andrew Jackson”

Tuesday, Sept. 30th
Prof. John Sheirer of Asnuntuck Community College
Will present his new book Loop Year: A memoir chronicling my year of hiking and caring for the same Somers, CT, trail every day for a year.

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Happy Biking!

Did you know?

Section 14 – 286a. Rights, duties and regulation of cyclists.
Every person riding a bicycle upon the traveled portion of a highway shall be granted all of the rights
and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to motor vehicles. No parent of any child shall knowingly
permit any such child or ward to violate any provision of the general statutes relating to bicycles.
Every person riding a bicycle along any sidewalk or across any roadway shall be granted all of the
rights applicable to pedestrians walking in such areas.

Section (NEW 1998) Public Act 98-165. An act concerning the rights and duties of bicyclists.
A surcharge of 100% of the fine imposed when the driver of a vehicle fails to grant or yield the
right-of-way to a person riding a bicycle and shall be credited to the special transportation fund.

To stock up on cyclist and pedestrian-related knowledge, check out the Connecticut Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

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Peace It Up!

This Friday at the CT Convention Center from 8am-4pm:

In order to spur continuous progress in reducing youth violence in our communities, Communities Empowering Youth (CEY) is hosting its second annual Peace It Up conference! The conference is being sponsored by Communities Empowering Youth (CEY), which is a partnership initiative of Capital Workforce Partners & the City of Hartford’s Office for Youth Services. It is intended to bring together the many audiences that must be part of crafting solutions to the problem of youth violence: community providers, funders, youth, the faith community, workforce, policy makers and legislators.
Continue reading “Peace It Up!”

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Cultural Events at the Riverfront

Mark September 20th, 21st, and 27th on your calendars. These events are free and open to the public. There are nearby bus stops and parking lots.

September 20: Dragon Boat Races and Asian Festival : There will be dancing, drumming, and martial arts. All of these events promise food.

Septemeber 21: Incredible India Festival and Walk : music and entertainment

September 27: Pipes in the Valley Celtic Festival : Highland games, whisky tasting, Red Hot Chili Pipers, bagpipes, drumming, kilt-wearing, and kids’ activities

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