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connecticut science center
When I went by yesterday, one wall of the Connecticut Science Center appeared to be up. As you can see, the other side still exposes the skeleton.
no wall
I wanted to get pictures of the Cirque de Soleil tent, which is visible from the parking garage, but part-timers are not allowed to park there anymore, so the surface lot only affords a view of the underside of the 91 Flyover. Maybe I can get pictures of the debris that’ll inevitably wind up on the roof of my car.

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Upcoming Events in (and around) Hartford

TONIGHT: Hope Out Loud Coffeehouse at Alchemy (New Britain Avenue, next to new ice rink) at 7:30. It’s free, but donations are accepted.

SATURDAY: FADGE Fest— grrrl power at the Charter Oak Cultural Center

SUNDAY: I just learned that the new cinema up at (roll eyes here) Blue Back Square has Classic Movies (yea!) on Sundays. They serve hooch during these films.

Also on Sunday, the April in Paris film festival starts at Cinestudio. These films will play throughout the week.

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Red Sox: Scratching and Dancing

When I left the house this morning they were already losing, but I did get to see Lowell get a hit.

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Connecticut Judiciary Votes in Favor of Anti-Discrimination Bill

HB 5723 was voted on this past Monday. The next step is for it to go to the House.

This bill would:

•This bill gives the CT Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) the
authority to investigate complaints of discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression in employment, education, housing, public accommodations, and the extension of credit and order appropriate remedies if such discrimination is found. It applies the same rules, procedures, and remedies that apply to other types of discrimination.
• The CHRO has already clarified that state law currently protects individuals from discrimination based on gender identity and expression. This bill makes those protections explicit and uniform. This bill will serve to make people protected by the law and those covered by the law aware of their rights and obligations.
• This bill uses the definition of “gender identity or expression” established in Connecticut’s hate crimes law, which passed in 2004 with a vote of 139-4 in the House and 33-0 in the Senate.

For more details, check out blog accounts here and here.

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Return of The Jumping Frog

The Jumping Frog, sellers of rare, used, and out-of-print books has a storefront again. It is open from Thursday-Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm, and other times by appointment. They are at 56 Arbor Street, Suite 107.

Who can resist this suggestion:

How about . . . a book?!
It’s durable, portable, cordless, solid-state, never needs batteries, stops and starts at the flip of a thumb, creates its own images on the tableaux of your mind. A not unimpressive device, all in all.

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CRCOG’s Active Transportation Initiative

The Capitol Region Council of Governments has completed their Regional Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. The goal of the plan is to significantly increase the number of people who regularly use biking or walking as their transportation. On Thursday April 10, there will be a public forum at the Hartford Public Library (6 pm) so that people can give their input on this plan.

Their goals by 2015:

  • all major commute routes to employment concentrations will have appropriate bike
    facilities (bike lanes, bike shoulders, wide curb lanes, or parallel multi use paths)
  • the East Coast Greenway will be completed through the region
  • all commercial developments will have safe and convenient pedestrian access
  • all new residential development will provide the option of non-motorized access to
    surrounding neighborhood destinations
  • standards for bicycle and pedestrian facilities will have been adopted throughout the
  • all the region’s towns will have adopted bicycle and pedestrian plans
  • bicycle commuting in the region will have increased significantly (to 5000 individuals)
  • one percent of all non-commuting automobile trips will have shifted to bicycling or
    walking (a shift of 67,000 vehicle miles of daily travel.)
  • a robust regional trails fund will insure the ongoing construction of multi use paths.
  • It seems that they based some of their goals on the results received on the Active Transportation Initiative Survey that was active from November 2007 to January 2008. In their plan, they also compare Hartford to other metro areas in the country. Madison WI is one place that does much better than Hartford CT when it comes to alternative transportation.

    Later in the plan, they outline how to make a case for their goals. They explained that about 30% of the population does not drive, though that does not mean that 30% rely on biking or walking alone.

    You can read the full plan on the CRCOG website.

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    Happy Baseball Season Eve!

    I’m not really big on the patriotic holidays, Easter, or really any day involving religion…so I feel kind of stupid that I did not think in advance to do the right thing and request tomorrow off as a personal day (I’ve used my paid ones up anyway). So, I will do the next best thing and watch as much of the Red Sox game as I can before schlepping myself off to work. [Note: I love my job, but not much can compete when compared to my obsessive adoration of Mike Lowell, Manny Ramirez, Jonathan Papelbon (with or without his goggles), Big Papi, and (sigh) Jacoby Ellsbury. Also, Julian Tavarez, Josh Beckett, and Manny Delcarmen. Just can’t compete with that.] If you don’t know, the game starts at 6am. I don’t haul myself out of bed that early for too many things. In fact, here are the things I have actually gotten up at that time for in my adult life: required medication, flight to Alaska, bus trip to go shopping in New York City, and I’m pretty sure that’s it.

    My level of obsession has not quite rivaled that of the Red Sox Chick, which is basically my point of reference where I can just rationalize my behavior and be able to say, “Yeah, but I’m not liveblogging-the-game obsessive.” I’m also not as eloquent as Jose Melendez either. Those two things will be what saves any readers I have from being bored to death by a million posts on Lowell’s facial expressions.

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    Chemicals in the Water

    I wanted to see if I was imagining the smell of chlorine in the water. I wasn’t. There is chlorine, lime, and fluoride added to Hartford’s drinking water. I’m assuming that the amounts used are safe, but looking at the NY Department of Health website has made me a little paranoid.

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    some of the art at real art ways
    I’m one of those annoying people who tend to get to events early. I don’t like to fight for parking, so it’s easier for me to be a big loser and walk through the door when an event actually starts. Well, every year being early to the preview show is the only way to see it. After about 15-20 minutes, the place is far too crowded for anyone without absolute zen-like patience to deal with it.
    this was one of my favorites Continue reading “Art!”

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    Ongoing Community Events

    Every time I go to the Alchemy Cafe, I fall in love a little more. I usually reserve that kind of awe for Northampton or Provincetown MA. Besides having smoothies, vegan snacks, meals, and a store, there are also events at The Green Vibration’s Alchemy Cafe and Eco-Boutique.
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