Peace Out

Peace Out

Tonight was the final Hope Out Loud Coffeehouse at La Paloma Sabanera. There was a ton of reminiscing and the mood was pretty solemn for awhile because of the news that La Paloma Sabanera would be closing at the end of the evening. Musicians, performers, and audience members were heard discussing how vital the bookstore and coffee shop was to the community. You can see more photos and walk down memory lane at my flickr page.

Working Families Party Inauguration Party

If by January 7th you still have some party left in you, know that there’s going to be a gathering a Kenny’s Red Rock from 8-10pm. It’s technically a fundraiser for the WFP, but this might be a good chance for Hartford residents to come out and let your new council folk (Cotto and Deutsch) know what issues you are concerned with.

How Does Hartford Get So Filthy?

A look at some mugshots of recently arrested “vandals” (whether spray painting is vandalism is something that I think is determined by what is being painting and what the message is) sheds some light into how graffiti ends up around downtown. While it’s lovely to think that all of the tagging that we see is done by Hartford residents, the reality is that, like dogs, not everyone wants to shit where they eat, so to speak. These two “criminals” are from Unionville and Simsbury.

All I Want for Christmas is One Giant Parking Lot

Why stop at tearing down the former MassMutual Building? There are many other buildings around that can be torn down and made into parking lots! For instance, there’s the Twain and Beecher Stowe homes. Those aren’t really being used anymore, and they certainly are not bringing in tons of revenue. To hell with them! Rather, to asphalt with them! Also, I heard that the Wadsworth Atheneum was becoming obsolete. I think I read that in the Hartford Advocate a few months ago. Next, there are a number of old factories. They could be converted into something meaningful, like affordable housing, but I think it’d be better to pave.

See, it’s not like any of this matters. Not the history, the architecture, the art or culture. Hartford is perceived as a dangerous insurance capitol. If it does not pertain to making money off of people’s fears (accidents, fires, rape, robbery, or murder), then it has no place in the city.

My only objection is that they are not planning to call it the Traveler’s Phoenix Parking Lot Supreme.

The Coca Cola Aetna Subaru Victoria’s Secret Camels Hanes Center

The Hartford Civic Center is changing its name, as is the case with many entertainment venues today. Rather than have it reflect the city or its purpose, the building will bear the name of an insurance company. As if the advertisements on the boards, floor, and zamboni were not enough…as if the penalties sponsored by such and such were not enough, now Hartford has another way that advertisement is being shoved down our throats.

So, sorry, that won’t happen here. “The Meadows” remains “The Meadows,” and the Hartford Civic Center will be referred to as such. Branding only works if people go along with it.

HPL Grand Opening

I’d been avoiding the Hartford Public Library in recent months. Some people have to dodge loan officers– I have to avoid basically every library I’ve ever stepped foot in. Yesterday, missing the whole “free book” thing too much, I went back to the library to find $14 in fines on my card, but also something neat.

The books are back!

Since the library has been undergoing renovations, most of their books have been in hiding. The main floor of the library has been reopened. Now, it’s very bright inside because of all the windows. It’s much more open, and not claustrophobia inducing as it was during the renovations.

The Hartford Public Library will be officially celebrating their reopening for five days beginning on New Year’s Eve. There will be reggae, drumming, dancing, banner making, and the chance to add to a book about what Hartford means to you.

Future for “Front Street”?

As the plans for Front Street are revealed, I think about how there is an opportunity to create something like Blue Back square without the yuppie air to it (and yes I’ve been there, I like it, but I can’t justify spending $80 on a single pillow). I don’t think it’s our god-given right to build on every inch of the earth’s surface, but I don’t see the point in leaving certain areas vacant and run-down either. Both the Blue Back and (new) Front Street areas have been eyesores in recent memory. (more…)

Eddie Perez Eddie Perez Eddie Perez Eddie Perez

There’s really nothing to report on right now. No need in fluffing it up with attempts to predict outcomes or rehash everything he’s done wrong in his time in office. Like the Mitchell Report showed, for every big name offender, there are many smaller offenders involved. All politicians must be held accountable, not just those with unattractive personalities.

First Snow

First Snow

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It took me 45 minutes to drive 1.7 miles. There were no police directing traffic, no plowing, no salting, no sanding. Also, red means green and green means red.

I want to be tolerant, but here’s the deal– As a state employee I was sent home at 12:30, but due to the mass exodus, stood by the roadside watching traffic for an hour and a half before deciding it’d even cleared enough for me to bother.

Of all days for me to decide not to walk, this probably was not the best one.

My favorite part was fishtailing all the way up Wyllys Street in second gear.