Breaking Lazy American Habits

On Tuesday, it took me longer to drive and park for my job that is 1.1 miles away from the house, than it does for me with my job that is about 4 miles away.

Today, I rode my bike instead.

That’s what it comes down to for me– not my environmental guilt, blood for oil guilt, or gas spending—-impatience with a parking garage.


Even though Starbucks is the corporate evil empire (yeah, I’m tryin to see how many times I can use that phrase today) and so predictable, I feel like it’s worth mentioning that to no pomp and circumstance, a new one opened down on Wethersfield Ave. recently, by Airport Road. Even though it’s not that close to me, my area of the city has a disturbing lack of cafes. Sure, I’d prefer a small, independent over Starbucks any day, but there aren’t too many takers. In the area where a new one just opened, next to the new CVS, there’s a few other chains down the street.

While I’m being honest about my habits, I’ll say I’m not a huge fan of the DD. They still use some kind of Styrofoam cup, and everything tastes too sugary. They also tend to be dirty and dumpy inside. I’m not saying necessarily hazardous to the health dirty, just kind of unwashed. Then there is the teal color-scheme. I’m splitting hairs now, but you get the point. The Dunkin is for desperate times, for those who only want a caffeine injection.

I, on the other hand, am a freak who actually likes the taste of coffee and always orders decaf.

And while I’m on the subject of legal drugs…I keep seeing this obnoxious commercial for some super-caffeinated soda product (coke? pepsi? got me!) in which everyone is yawning and then some office worker dude spins on his chair because he’s had the wonderful experience of drinking some ginseng soda. Every time this comes on, all I can think is, Do we really need more Type A people running around in this country?

Bike to Work

This Friday is the next Central CT Bicycle Alliance (CCBA) Bike to Work Breakfast. From 7-9 cyclists can enjoy a free breakfast provided outside of the Old State House.

There will be a bus equipped with one of the new bike racks so that cyclists can practice mounting/dismounting bikes. At the Discover Hartford Bicycle and Walking Tour I picked up a brochure that shows people how to do this.

It appears that there will be some kind of Bike to Work event in Farmington too, but the details for that haven’t been made public yet.

March for Justice: Greater Hartford Rally in Support of the Jena Six

This Saturday at 9 a.m., area activists will meet at the intersection of Main and Albany, at the old Firestone. After holding a press conference, they will march to Bushnell Park beginning at 10a.m. Organizers ask that activists wear black to show solidarity.

For additional information, contact Cornell Lewis or Thirman L. Milner at 860.246.4656