Crime and Cocktails

First the bad, then the good.

I found out that a friend of mine had gotten arrested last week for no reason. The official charge was trespassing, loitering, and then disturbance of peace, but from his account (which I trust), he was doing nothing more than walking home from a corner store with a few friends. Why this is bad is that there is actual crime in Hartford that could be addressed. Monday night, right before I got back from yoga, a pizza deliverer was robbed on Congress Street, which is a stone’s throw from my place. While there was law enforcement there, I kept thinking about how lately there has been a bit of actual crime in this area (robberies, muggings, and I believe a shooting last week). Actual crime, as opposed to what my friend was taken in for–hanging around an area too long and then, after being approached by the cops, being a bit of a smart ass.

But Hartford is not just a bunch of people getting robbed. If it were, would anyone live here?

Tomorrow night is the monthly Creative Cocktail Hour at Real Art Ways. In the summer, they open up the doors and have music in the parking lot.  It’s always a good time.

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